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Latest Lumina Workshop : Warung

Lumina Workshop : Lighting for Everyone

Lumina Workshop is internal event of Lumina Group, in form of lighting design workshop that explore lighting design issues related to daily (but often overlooked) activities around us. In 2023 workshop, for the firs time Lumina Workshop had the opportunity to collaborate with a well known university in Jakarta, Bina Nusantara (BINUS) University. In this particular workshop, Lumina Group took a step forward in connecting with broader audience and further the carried a topic that in touch with broader society, to follow our believe that Lighting should be for everyone.

The latest workshop took local street food, which is called WARUNG in Indonesia, as the object of design. Warung the the smallest commercial activities in the society, but in touch to almost every level. Warungs are small F&B outlet that spread all over the country, from cities to villages, even to remote areas; open day and night or 24 hours. The price is very reasonable so that almost everyone can afford. Designing lighting for warung open challenges that to be worked out in the workshop, as no one ever done this before:

1. Lighting installation should be flexible to fit sizes of warung that limited to space on the street.

2. Lighting installation should consider limited power supply, as it can be from battery, solar cell or limited supply from neighbourhood.

3. Lighting should be efficient and economical, to be affordable to warung’s owner with limited investment.

4. Design should create identity; preferebly representing local identity.

5. Design shall support activities while being attractive for bypasser

Stepping forward from this workshop, a complete report is published for free download and the recipe for warung lighting is compiled in Warung Lighting FAQ along with free online consultation for those who want to develop lighting for their warung business.

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